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PAWtraits and patterns

My artwork has been described as having a French influence, and it's true! Looking at the sophisticated color use by Pierre Bonnard and the patterns in Matisse paintings makes me dizzy with pleasure.

While some may think painting pet PAWtraits is the lighter side of making art, it allows me to explore with color and include into my compositions my passion for pattern.

Here is Sophie, a beautiful German Shepherd in rich chocolates! To contrast her fur, I chose a blue-influenced green shade for the overall color of the fabric pattern. I placed the largest ikat medallion into the lower left corner to balance the overall composition and angled it so that the pattern creates a perpendicular intersection to the dog's body, in essence drawing your eye to the star of the painting - Sophie! Further, I included colors within the pattern to harmonize the composition, specifically a glaze of pale khaki that was also used in the lighter shadows of the dog. I achieved this color by simply combining burnt umber with light blue permanent.

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